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Advanced iOS Programming for iPhone® and iPad® Applications Using Objective-C

Duration: 5 Days | Price: $2495

Participants in this hands-on course will develop apps to interact with many of the hardware systems available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch hardware devices.

Students will learn how to use the camera and microphone for still images, videos and audio. The course includes coverage of the Core Location and Map Kit for GPS systems and the motion systems for the internal gyroscope system.

Students will learn how to save and read files for local systems and how to use the Core Data system to create local SQLite databases.

The course emphasizes Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and students learn how iOS apps interact with Web services through request/response systems. Hands on practice includes implementing code to access a web service asynchronously using SOAP.

Attendees also learn how to develop apps incorporating iCloud support, and the requirements for sharing documents.

Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to familiarize students with many of the hardware systems and concepts needed for iOS apps, as well as security concerns to address prior to launching iOS apps. Exercises include use of the redesigned iOS7 UI controls and many of the new features of the latest release of iOS.

Course Prerequisites: Strong experience with Objective-C programming language and basic iOS application development. The iOS Programming for iPhone and iPad Applications Using Objective-C course strongly recommended.

Please contact us to request a detailed course description and full course outline.

Course Schedule

Course Overview

  • iOS File Manager System
  • SQLite Database Support
  • Apple iCloud Storage
  • Communication Using Internet Protocols
  • Hardware Camera System and Image Capturing
  • Creating Apps that Use Web Services
  • Using DOM and SAX Parsers
  • Working with Audio and Video Systems
  • Overview of the OpenAL Sound Engine
  • Creating Apps that Work on iPhone and iPad
  • Creating a Simple Game Using Cocoa Graphics
  • CoreLocation Library Development
  • Input and Display of GPS Information
  • Core Motion for Gyroscope and Accelerometer Systems

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