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Node.js Application Development

Duration: 4 Days | Price: $2095

This hands on Node.js course will teach front end designers and server side developers how to rapidly create, maintain, and deploy Node.js applications. This course includes thorough coverage of the Node.js architecture, the V8 engine and the Node Ecosystem. The course takes a practical approach to creating and organizing Node.js applications using functions and modules as part of the Node.js organizational structure. This course will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of Node.js core modules and how to procure and install packages using npm. Attendees will learn to identify and correct problems through unit testing and exception handling.

Attendees will learn how to use Node.js to create Command Line Interface applications for system administration and process management, use Node.js networking modules to communicate with TCP/IP clients and servers such as HTTP servers, and create / consume REST (Representational State Transfer) data services. Attendees will learn how to leverage frameworks such as Express to rapidly build Web Applications. Attendees will learn how to use Node.js to connect to NoSQL databases such as MongoDB to store, retrieve, and manipulate data (i.e., achieve data persistence).

Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency.

Course Prerequisites: Knowledge of JavaScript equivalent to attending the JavaScript Programming course. Attendees should also have familiarity with a Windows, Linux, or OS X command line interface as well as a basic understanding of network protocols such as HTTP.

Please contact us to request a detailed course description and full course outline.

Course Schedule

Course Overview

  • Node.js Overview
  • Node.js Global Environment
  • ES6 Enhancements
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Programming Fundamentals with Node
  • Using Modules to Organize Code
  • Unit Testing and Debugging with Node.js
  • Implementing Unit Tests with the Assert Module
  • System and Data Interaction With Node
  • Interacting with the System Using the os Module
  • Data Persistence with Node.js
  • MongoDB Capabilities
  • Web Application and Network Programming
  • REST-Based Web Service Fundamentals
  • Process Management with the process Module
  • Creating Modules